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24th Annual RIMS Conference, 20th - 22nd June 2019, Ljubljana

From 20/06/2019 until 22/06/2019

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On behalf of RIMS, we thank the delegates and faculty for making our RIMS Annual Conference, "Crossing the Interface to Explore New Possibilities" a success. The Annual Conference took place in the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (Gospodarsko Raztavisce) from June 20-22.

We are proud to have been able to bring 255 delegates from 25 countries, giving all of us the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals, researchers and patient representatives sharing knowledge and experiences on topics related to rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis.

Have a look on the RIMS Annual Conference website to see the programme of this year's conference. We are happy to share the Take Home Messages with you!

RIMS Award Winners

Best Poster Award

  1. Wanja Wolff (DE)
  2. Ine Nieste (BE)
  3. Heleen Beckerman (NL)

Best Oral Presentation

  1. Lousin Moumdjian (BE)
  2. Karin Riemann-Lorenz (DE)
  3. Martin Langeskov-Christensen (DK)

More information on: www.rims-annualconference.org/Ljubljana2019