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XIV SIG Mobility meeting 2011

From 30/09/2011 until 01/10/2011
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Balance and gait disorders are some of the most frequent and disabling problems for people with MS, interfering in their mobility, independence, security and quality of life. The aim of the workshop is to strengthen discussion and initiate long–term co-operation, to learn and exchange new knowledge and experience in the field of neurorehabilitation.

The next SIG Mobility meeting of RIMS will take place in early autumn in Barcelona. We are preparing one full day program on Friday 30th of September and half a day program on Saturday 1stof October. As you will notice in the program below, we have received contributions from many different countries on the topic of the meeting, and some own contributions on other aspects. Many presentations also focus on practical applications which is of importance at the SIG meeting.

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