The Executive Board has established a number of Special Interest Groups (SIG).

These groups promote research and improve the management of Persons with MS and their caregivers. The appointment of the chairman and co-chairman of the SIG's shall be made by the Executive Board with guidance from the members of the individual SIG's.
These groups meet at least once a year during the annual conference. It is also encouraged to hold an annual in-between workshop. Active groups are supported financially by RIMS.


  • SIG Mobility
      Chair: Carme Santoyo (ES)
      Co-chair:  Lousin Moumdjian (BE)
  • SIG Bladder, Bowel and Sexuality
      Chair: Doreen McClurg (UK)
      Co-chair: Sara Rinaldi (IT)
  • SIG Psychology and Neuropsychology
      Chair: Jana Pöttgen (DE)
      Co-chair: Anita Rose (UK)
  • SIG Communication and Swallowing
      Chair: Leonie Ruhaak (NL)
      Co-chair: Francesca DeBiagi (IT)
  • SIG Occupation
      Chair: Inger Grethe Loyning (NO)
      Co-chair: Sofie Ferdinand (BE)
  • SIG Patient Autonomy
      Chair: Anne Christin Rahn (DE)
      Co-chair: Andrea Giordano (IT)