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At the moment we work on a international validation (Italy, Spain, Germany) of the CompACT Questionnaire funded by a RIMS grant.

In 2018 we published a scoping review regarding sexual dysfunctions and its rehabilitation in MS in relation to cognition and psychological issues in a peer reviewed journal. The work was funded by a RIMS grant (hyperlink: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5828449/)

In 2013 we published the Cognitive manual "Good neuropsychological practice in MS" on RIMS website (Download HERE)

In 2006 the SIG members published two booklets on RIMS Website: “Personality and behaviour” (Download HERE) and “Emotional reactions” (Download HERE)


Publication list of the SIG members

  1. Jill S. Fischer, PhD, Frederik W. Folley, PhD, James E. Aikens, PhD, Dean Ericson, PhD, Stephen M. Rao, PhD, and Steve Shindell, PhD What do we really know about cognitive dysfunction, affective disorders, and stress in multiple sclerosis ? A practitioner’s guide.
    J Neuro Rehab 1994, 8 (3) : 151-164
  2. Jill S. Fischer. Cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis.
    Mellen Center dor MS Treatment and Research, Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Cleveland, Ohio. ?, 233-255, 2001.
  3. R.H.B. Benedict, A. Shapiro, Roger Priore, C. Miller, F. Munschauer, L. Jacobs Neuropsychological counseling improves social behavior in cognitively-impaired multiple sclerosis patients.
    Multiple Sclerosis (2000) 6, 391-396, 2000 Arnold.
  4. Carolyn E. Schwartz, ScD, Elizabeth Kozora, PhD, Qi Zeng, MS Towards patient collaboration in cognitive assessment : specificity, sensitivity, and incremental validity of self-report.
    Ann Behav Med 1996, 18(3):177-184.
  5. SL. Minden. Mood disorders in multiple sclerosis : diagnosis and treatment
    J NeuroVirology (2000) 6, suppl 2, S160-S167, 2000 Macmillan Publishers Ltd.
  6. Anthony Feinstein, PhD, MD, Karen Feinstein, MA, Trevor Gray, MD, Paul O’Connor, MD Prevalence and neurobehavioral correlates of pathological laughing and crying in multiple sclerosis
    Arch. Neurology, vol. 54, sep 1997, 1116-1121.
  7. Maria T. Schultheis, Ph. D., Edward Garay, B.S., John DeLuca, Ph. D. The influence of cognitive impairment on driving performance in Multiple Sclerosis.
    Neurology, Vol. 56, N 8 , April 24, 2001.
  8. Marco Rovaris, Massimo Filippi MRI correlates of cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients
    Journal of NeuroVirology (2000), 6, suppl 2 , S172-S175, 2000 Macmillan Publischers Ltd
  9. Peter A. Arnett, Christopher I. Higginson, William D. Voss, Bruce Wright, William I. Bender, John M. Wurst Depressed mood in multiple sclerosis : relationship to capacity-demanding memory and attentional functioning.
    Neuropsychology, 1999, Vol 13, n° 3, 434-446.
  10. D.W. Langdon, A.J. Thompson. Multiple sclerosis : a preliminary study of selected variables affecting rehabilitation outcome.
    Multiple Sclerosis (1999), 5, 94-100, 1999 Stockton Press.
  11. Claudia Diaz-Olavarietta, MSc, Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD, Julia Velasquez, BSc, Claudia Garcia de al Cadena, MSc Neuropsychiatric manifestations of multiple sclerosis.
    J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci 11 :1, 51-57, Winter 1999
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    Neuropsychology, 1995, vol. 9, n° 2 , 198-205.
  13. Robert G. Knight, Robert C. Devereux, Hamish P.D. Godfrey Psychosocial consequences of caring for a spouse with multiple sclerosis
    J. of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, Vol 19, n° 1 , pp. 7-19
  14. M. Sailer, H.J. Heinze, M.A. Schoenfeld, U. Hauser, H.G.O. M. Smid. Amantadine influences cognitive processing in patients with multiple sclerosis.
    Pharmocopsychiatry 2000, 33 : 28-37, Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart. New York
  15. A. Feinstein, P.O’Connor, T. Gray, K. Feinstein. Pathological laughing and crying in multiple sclerosis : a preliminary report suggesting a role for the prefrontal cortex.
    Multiple sclerosis (1999), 5 : 69-73, 1999 Stockton press
  16. L. Vleugels, Christophe Lafosse, An van Nunen, Saskia Nachtergaele, Pierre Ketelaer, Marianne Charlier, Erik Vandenbussche Visuoperceptual impairment in mutliple sclerosis patients diagnosed with neuropsychological tasks
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  17. Denise Rodgers, Keith Khoo, Mary MacEachen, Mia Oven, William W. Beatty Cognitive therapy for multiple sclerosis : a preliminary study.
    Alternative Therapies, September 1996, Vol.2, n° 5 : 70-74.
  18. S.M. Rao, PhD, G.J. Leo, DO, L. Ellington, MS, T. Nauertz, BS, L. Bernardin, MS, F. Unverzagt, MS. Cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis. II. Impact on employment and social functioning
    Neurology, May 1991, 41 : 692-696
  19. Heath A. Demaree, John DeLuca, Elizabeth A. Gaudino, Bruce J. Diamond Speed of information processing as a key deficit in multiple sclerosis : implications for rehabilitation
    J. Neurol. Neurosurg Psychiatry, 1999, 67 : 661-663
  20. Lauren B. Krupp, MD, Leigh E. Elkins, PhD Fatigue and declines in cognitive functioning in multiple sclerosis
    Neurology 2000 ; 55 : 934-939
  21. Olivieri R.L., Sibilia G., Valentino P., Russo C., Romeo N., Quattrone A. Pulsed methylprednisolone induces a reversible impairment of memory in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
    Acta Neurol Scand 1998, 97 : 366-369
  22. Reisa. A. Sperling, MD, Charles R.G. Guttmann, MD, Marika J. Hohol, MD, Simon K. Warfield, PhD, Marianna Jakab, MS, Marco Parente, Eli L. Diamond, Kirk R. Daffner, MD, Michael J. Olek, DO, E. John Orav, PhD, Ron Kikinis, MD, Ferenc A. Jolesz, MD, Howard L. Weiner, MD Regional magnetic resonance imaging lesion burden and cognitive function in multiple sclerosis. A longitudinal study.
    Arch. Neurology, Vol 58 : 115-121, jan 2001
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  24. N.H. Pliskin, PhD, D.P. Hamer, BS, D.S. Goldstein, MS, V.L. Towle, PhD, A.T. Reder, MD, A. Noronha, MD, B.G.W. Arnason, MD Improved delayed visual reproduction test performance in multiple sclerosis patients receiving interferon b -1b
    Neurology 1996, 47 : 1463-1468
  25. Christopher I. Higginson, Peter A. Arnett, William D. Voss The ecological validity of clinical tests of memory and attention in multiple sclerosis.
    Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, Vol 15, N° 3, pp. 185-204, 2000
  26. Frederick W. Foley, PhD, William M. Dince, PhD, Jeffrey R. Bedell, PhD, Nicholas G. LaRocca, PhD, Rosalind Kalb, PhD, Lauren S. Caruso, PhD, Charles R. Smith, MD, Zachary M. Shnek, MA Psychoremediation of communication skills for cognitively impaired persons with multiple sclerosis.
    J Neuro Rehab 1994, vol 8, n° 4, 165-176
  27. A.M. Plohmann, L. Kappos, W. Ammann, A. Thordai, A. Wittwer, S. Huber, Y. Bellaiche, J. Lechner-Scott Computer assisted retraining of attentional impairments in patients with multiple sclerosis.
    J. Neurology Neurosurg Psychiatry, 1998 ; 64 : 455-462
  28. Jonsson A., Korfitzen E.M., Heltberg A., Ravnborg M.H., Byskov-Ottosen E. Effects of neuropsychological treatment in patients with multiple sclerosis.
    Acta Neurol Scand 1993, 88 : 394-400
  29. Yvonne M. Greene, MD, Pierre N. Tariot, MD, Heather Wishart, PhD, Christopher Cox, PhD, Connie J. Holt, BS, Steven Schwid, MD, John Noviasky, RPh A 12-week, open trial of donepezil hydrochloride in patients with multiple sclerosis and associated cognitive impairments.
    J. Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2000, 20 (3) : 350-355.
  30. Amy Weinstein, PhD, Steven I.L. Schwid, MD, Randolph B. Schiffer, MD, Michael P. McDermott, PhD, Daniel W. Giang, MD, Andrew D. Goodman, MD Neuropsychologic status in multiple sclerosis after treatment with glatiramer.
    Arch. Neurology, 1999, 56 : 319-324
  31. Jill S. Fischer, PhD, Roger L. Priore, ScD, Lawrence D. Jacobs, MD, Diane L. Cookfair, PhD, Richard A. Rudick, MD, Robert M. Herndon, MD, John R. Richert, MD, Andres M. Salazar, MD, Donald E. Goodkin, MD, Carl V. Granger, MD, Jack H. Simon, MD, Jordan H. Grafman, PhD, Muriel D. Lezak, PhD, Kathleen M. O’Reilly Hovey, MS, Katherine Kawczak Perkins, BA, Danielle Barilla-Clarck, MA, Mark Schacter, PhD, David W. Shucard, PhD, Anna L. Davidson, MPH, Karl E. Wende, PhD, Dennis N. Bourdette, MD, Mariska F. Kooijmans-Coutinho, MD, PhD and the Multiple Sclerosis Collaborative Research Group Neuropsychological effects of interferon b -la relapsing multiple sclerosis.
    Ann. Neurol 2000 ; 48 : 885-892
  32. Mark W. Geisler, PhD, Martin Sliwinski, PhD, P.K. Coyle, MD, David M. Masur, PhD, Carol Doscher, RN, Lauren B. Krupp, MD The effects of amantadine and pemoline on cognitive functioning in multiple sclerosis.
    Arch. Neurology. Vol.53, Febr. 1996
  33. Ralph H.B. Benedict, PhD, Roger L. Priore, ScD, Colleen Miller, RN, NP, DNS, Frederick Munschauer, MD, Lawrence Jacobs, MD Personality disorder in multiple sclerosis correlates with cognitive impairment.
    J. Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci, 2001, 13(1) : 70-76
  34. Jenny H. Bravin, Glynda J. Kinsella, Ben Ong, Lindsay Vowels A study of performance of delayed intentions in multiple sclerosis.
    J. Clin and Exp Neuropsychol, 2000, Vol 22, 3 : 418-429
  35. J. Foong, L. Rozewicz, G. Quaghebeur, C.A. Davie, L.D. Kartsounis, A.J. Thompson, D.H. Miller, M.A. Ron Executive function in multiple sclerosis. The role of frontal lobe pathology.
    Brain (1997), 120 : 15-26 – Oxford University Press 1997
  36. P. Kujala, R. Portin, J. Ruutiainen The progress of cognitive decline in multiple sclerosis : controlled 3-year follow-up.
    Brain (1997), 120 : 289-297 – Oxford University Press 1997
  37. J.S Fischer Assessment of neuropsychological function
    ?, 31-47
  38. Maria Pia Amato, MD, Giuseppina Ponziani, MD, Giovanni Pracucci, MD, Laura Bracco, MD, Gianfranco Siracusa, MD, Luigi Amaducci, MD Cognitive impairment in early-onset multiple sclerosis. Pattern, predictors and impact on everyday life in a 4-year follow-up.
    Arch. Neurology, Feb 1995, 52 : 168-172

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