Effects of rehabilitation on short and long walking tests.

Previously, the SIG Mobility group has performed two multi-centers studies regarding (i) the differential value of short and walking tests and (ii) effect of time of day on walking capacity and self-reported fatigue level. Studies involved 189 and 114 MS patients tested at 10 and 8 centers across Europe added with a center in the USA. Both studies resulted in a peer-reviewed publication in Multiple Sclerosis Journal.

At the annual conference 2011, we launched a part IIb entitled ‘Responsiveness of short and long walking capacity tests in multiple sclerosis’. We would like to investigate changes in short and long walking tests after different types of rehabilitation programs at different settings across Europe.

The principal investigator of this new multi-center study is Prof. dr. Peter Feys (REVAL Research Group, Hasselt University, Belgium) as Chair of the SIG Mobility, in close collaboration with Domien Gijbels, Ulrik Dalgas and Kamila Rasova. Also other core members assisted in protocol and questionnaire development.

This study is running in 2011 and 2012. If interested in participation, don’t hesitate to contact Peter Feys (peter.feys@uhasselt.be)  or Domien Gijbels (Domien.gijbels@uhasselt.be).

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