Current Projects

RIMS Grant Project 2017 - Prevalence, features and underlying causes of dysarthria in multiple sclerosis. A Systematic review.

Leonie Ruhaak, Francesca DeBiagi, Fredrik Sand, Hans Ket, Joke Geytenbeek, Vincent de Groot, Kelly Van Landeghem, Selma Giling, Sofie Noë, Marta Renom Guiteras

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RIMS Grant Project 2015 - Translation and Validation of the Spanish and Dutch version of the DYMUS questionnaire for the assessment of dysphagia in multiple sclerosis

Xavier Montalban Gairín, Ingrid Galán Cartañá, Xavier Sibera Aresté, Marta Renom Guiteras, Rosa Terré Boliart, Itziar García Ramírez, Lorena Gonzalo, Mireia Aldevert Serra, Anna Villanueva Tejero, Patricia Feliu Rabaji, Annemie Gielis; Leonie Ruhaak

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pdf RIMS Grant Project 2015 465.20 KB 1047 Download

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