In-between meeting SIG Occupation

We are happy to announce the next in-between meeting for Special Interest Group (SIG) Occupation to be held in Haslev/Copenhagen, Denmark 23. – 24. November 2018

The new title of the meeting will be: «2+2=5 – the syngergies of multidisciplinary rehabilitation in MS»

We would like to promote all the positive effects of health care professionals working together to provide the best MS rehabilitation. The expression 2+2=5 comes from the thought of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, and in that way rehabilitation is greater than the sum of professionals.

Online registration will soon be open.

Local organizers: Heidi V. Jacobsen and Lene M. Kallmeyer at the Sclerosehospitals in Denmark. For more information, contact ingergrethe.loyning@mssenteret.no or sofie.ferdinand@mscenter.be