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Dear colleagues,

The RIMS Board is closely monitoring the developments related to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, and will decide in the coming weeks if and how to reschedule the upcoming RIMS events. As this unprecedented situation is changing every day, we remain watchful but also focused on delivering what is an important event for the community.

Our best wishes,

Daphne Kos, RIMS President
On behalf of the RIMS Board

  • Daphne Kos, Prof, Belgium
  • Giampaolo Brichetto, Dr, Italy
  • Vincent de Groot, Prof, The Netherlands
    Past President
  • Jennifer Freeman, Prof, United Kingdom
  • Jaume Sastre Garriga, Prof, Spain
  • Piet Eelen, RN MSc, Belgium
    Board Member
  • Christian Dettmers, Prof Dr, Germany
    Board Member
  • Anders Skjerbaek, MSc, Denmark
    Board Member