The SAGAS, an acronym for Short and Graphic Ability Score, was developed by Dr. C. Vaney (Berner Klinik Montana, CH), former president of RIMS and chair of the special interest group on Mobility.
It summarizes and visualizes the scores on the motor components of the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite scores, being the Timed 25 Foot walk and the Nine Hole Peg test. With this application, one can add the scores to a database in a mobile way, and compare with previous performances. See http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sagas-20-10/id520129522?ls=1&mt=8 for more information. 

Screenshots of application [Click to enlarge]

iphone app_1SaGAS I-phone app screenshot 2SaGAS I-phone app screenshot 3

The Multiple Sclerosis Journal has launched an on-line MSJ network that aims to connect researchers and professionals working in the field of MS. Discussions can be initiated based on scientific papers or self-initiated, besides announcement of events or jobs and other reflections. Also RIMS is present as a group in the MSJ network. We invite you to join the network and to become a member of our organization, where rehabilitation topics can be discussed. See http://multiplesclerosisjournal.ning.com/group/rims.



A working group within the Special Interest Group on Mobility, part of RIMS: Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis, European network for best practice and research (www.eurims.org), organizes a multi-centre international questionnaire survey COPHYREQUEST that aims to monitor how physiotherapists treat patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), how they understand and assess their work and what they want to achieve in their work.

The COPHYREQUEST consist of two parts, both should be filled via internet:

First, short questionnaire concerning the organisation of physiotherapy in the centre should be filled by one competent person in each centre (who knows organisation of the centre, e.g. head of department – physiotherapist or medical doctor).

Second, longer questionnaire concerning assessment and therapy in MS should be filled by as many physiotherapists from each centre as possible, who fulfil inclusion criteria - clinical experience in multiple sclerosis (at least 12 subjects per year) and general understanding to written English.

The inventory may be not only a stock-check of the actual MS physiotherapy practice across Europe but may also serve as a basis for further (comparative) scientific work to put MS- rehabilitation on a higher and more widely applied level and so fulfil some of the demands of the Code of Good Practice (to impact patients´ quality of life, local and national health organizations, and health insurance companies).

PhDr. Kamila Rasova, Ph.D., PT, principal investigator
Charles University in Prague, Third Faculty of Medicine

e-mail: kamila.rasova@centrum.cz 

The European MS Platform and RIMS have published updated recommendations on rehabilitation services for persons with MS in Europe.

The RIMS editor is Prof. Dr. Thomas Henze (Germany).

Active RIMS members in the different disciplines of rehabilitation have summarized up to data findings in specific areas.


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