Daphne Kos

Daphne Kos, OT-PhD, Leuven, (BE)
KU Leuven (University of Leuven) (B), Professor in Master of Science in occupational therapy
National MS Center Melsbroek (B), Scientific coordinator Rehabilitation

Daphne Kos graduated as occupational therapist (OT) and movement scientist. She worked as OT practitioner, lecturer and researcher and studied fatigue management and assessment in people with multiple sclerosis in her PhD project. Currently she is coordinator of scientific research in the rehabilitation department of the National MS Center Melsbroek and professor and co-manager of the OT master programme in KU Leuven (interuniversity programme with Ghent, Hasselt and Antwerp). Her research domain is situated in the area of fatigue, occupational performance, life balance, goal setting and assessment, mainly in multiple sclerosis (in all stages). Daphne Kos is president of Rehabilitation in MS (RIMS).


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