RIMS is encouraging best rehabilitation practice, by generation of new evidence and stimulating implementation. The use of valid outcome measures is encouraged, however, often translations of patient reported measures are difficult to find or not available. On this webpages, you can find information on some outcome measures for mobility, upper limb function and health-related quality of life, as a result of collaborations within the special interests group mobility and occupation.
More information on psychometric properties and clinical utility of outcome measures can be found at www.rehabmeasures.org (the rehabilitation measures database, the rehabilitation clinician’s place to find the best instruments to screen patients and monitor their progress).

Also have a look at the recommendations from the Multiple Sclerosis Outcome Measures Taskforce (www.neuropt.org).

One can also find information on outcome measures and MS treatment on the educational website of Neurocompass: https://www.neuro-compass.education/en-gb/home.

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