ADAMS introduction and aims

RIMS believes that adherence is more than taking medication regularly. Adherence is about personal lifestyle goals and choices, DMD treatment choices, rehabilitation and symptomatic treatment choices, vocational choices, relationship and family choices in a setting of multiple uncertainties and risks as person with Multiple Sclerosis. Assessment of existing knowledge and experiences in adherence in a chronic disease and the development of a joint proposal by the gathered panel of experts on further actions in this field – these are the two main aims of ADAMS. A first meeting with a small group of experts within but also outside the field of MS was held on April 19th 2013 in Brussels. More activities on the topic adherence will be planned in 2014.

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RIMS Grant Program (RiGra)

Dear RIMS member, dear colleague with an interest in MS:

RIMS has established a grant program. The program aims to facilitate collaboration between RIMS members from different centers and countries in the domain of MS rehabilitation.

Both projects regarding best practice (e.g., development of guidelines or educational programs) and research are welcomed. In the present call, one project will be granted € 15,000.

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The RIMS Fellowship Programme

RIMS is pleased to offer a fellowship exchange programme (RFEP) that started in Autumn 2008.

The fellowship is available to young European professionals, preferably non-doctors, in order to facilitate their training in rehabilitation related to Multiple Sclerosis among RIMS member centres. The goal of the programme is to promote the multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation in MS and to encourage the exchange of information and professional growth for those working in the field of MS.

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The ECTRIMS Nurse Fellowship Program

ECTRIMS offers a multiple sclerosis nurse training fellowship programme for qualified/licensed European nurses to provide the opportunity for them to obtain additional expertise through practical nursing experience and training in a mentored MS environment in Europe. The aim of the programme is to enhance care and support of individuals with MS by fostering improved clinical care and education and by helping to promote best practices in nursing care throughout Europe.

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Awards program (Poster and Platform Presentation)

  1. The RIMS Poster/Platform Presentation Award (RPPPA) is to promote and support the work of young rehabilitation researchers. The age limit is fixed at 45 years.
  2. The RPPPA, in the form of a financial subsidy, is to be attributed to the author of the best Poster/Platform presented at the RIMS Annual Meeting.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to decide on the sum of the financial subsidy to be attributed.

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