Paive Ilona Hamalainen Secretary

Päivi Hämäläinen has worked as a neuropsychologist in Masku neurological rehabilitation centre, owned by the Finnish MS Society, since 1990. Since 1999, she has worked as the head of the Psychology department and since the beginning of March, 2011 as the head of the rehabilitation centre. Since 2005 she has acted as an adjunct professor in the Psychology Department in the University of Turku.

She is actively involved both in national and international neuropsychological activities. She is the member of the steering committee of the Finnish Neuropsychological Society and has acted as the chair of the Special Interest Group in Psychology and Neuropsychology in Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis (RIMS) 2001-2011.

Her main research interests are cognitive deficits in MS, especially cognitive fatigue and neuropsychological rehabilitation. She acts as a supervisor for several Finnish neuropsychologists keen on cognition and MS.

Contact details:

Masku Neurological Rehabilitation Centre
B.O. Box 15
FIN 21251 Masku
tel. +358 24392253
fax. +358 24392112
Mail: paivi.hamalainen@ms-liitto.fi


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