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Alessandra Solari is a neurologist. Her main area of research is the validation of instruments and outcome measures (chiefly patient-reported outcome measures) for clinical, epidemiologic, and quality of care studies in neurological diseases, particularly multiple sclerosis (MS). Her other main interest is the design and conduction of independent randomised controlled trials (RCTs) mainly on rare diseases and complex interventions.

Quality of Life, Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Decision Making
Dr. Solari works is currently investigating methods of conducting outcomes research in studies on disease management and quality of care programs. As part of this field of research she is carrying out a prospective study on community-based cohort of MS patients, examining relationships between disease status, quality of life and health care utilization. She has also devised a structured information aid for people with newly diagnosed MS. Dr. Solari designed and implemented a patient self-assessed version of the Minimal Record of Disability for MS; she validated the Italian version of the 54-item MS Quality of Life (the most-used disease-specific health-related quality of life questionnaire); the Italian version of the Chicago Multiscale Depression Inventory; and the Italian version of the Control Preference Scale. Dr. Solari’s team recently produced a short questionnaire on MS knowledge for patients and their significant others, the MS Knowledge Questionnaire, which was then validated in French for France by the Mapi Institute.

Independent Randomised Controlled Trials
Dr. Solari’s experience in this area includes the design of phase II/III RCTs (protocol development), trial management in accordance with good clinical practice criteria, and statistical analyses. She was chief investigator of the following MS trials on complex interventions: first RCT to assess the efficacy of inpatient physiotherapy vs. self-executed home exercises; the CRIMS double-blind RCT on computer-aided retraining of memory and attention; the SIMS-Trial (Effectiveness of a structured information interview in people with newly-diagnosed MS; ISRCTN81072971).

Dr. Solari has published several articles in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals and has also contributed chapters to scientific-medical books. For a list of recent publications, see PubMed.


Contact details:
Unit of Neuroepidemiology
Foundation IRCCS Neurological Institute C. Besta
via Celoria 11
20133 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39 02 2394 2391
Mail: solari@istituto-besta.it


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