1. The RIMS Poster/Platform Presentation Award (RPPPA) is to promote and support the work of young rehabilitation researchers. The age limit is fixed at 45 years.
  2. The RPPPA, in the form of a financial subsidy, is to be attributed to the author of the best Poster/Platform presented at the RIMS Annual Meeting.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to decide on the sum of the financial subsidy to be attributed.
  4. The Executive Board will constitute the Awards Jury, which will be responsible for the evaluation of the Poster/Platform presentation.
  5. However,public opinion will also be taken in account by a voting method, controlled by the Annual Meeting registration desk personnel, who have to ensure that only one voting form is submitted to each participant, member of RIMS.
  6. In the evaluation of the Poster/Platform presentation the jury should take into account several criteria (scientific and innovative merrit, comprehensiveness and practical usefullness).
  7. The jury will hold a Decision-Meeting. The public votes will count as much as the jury's votes.
  8. The awards will be handed over during the RIMS Annual Meeting.